Versatility of Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are an excellent solution to provide additional space when needed. People often rent these containers for many reasons due to their exceptional versatility. Learn what these portable storage containers are, how you can use them, and other benefits you can enjoy.

What is a Portable Storage Container?

A portable storage container is a purpose-built, fully enclosed, box-like container. People often use them for temporary storage. You can rent different sizes (e.g., 8’ or 16’) made of waterproof materials to ensure the inside cargo remains dry. For transport, you can use tie-downs to secure boxes. Most containers allow for easy loading and unloading to and from transport vehicles.

Why Portable Storage Containers are so Versatile

One advantage of portable storage containers is their versatility. Here are several scenarios where you could use a flexible storage solution.

  • Storing your belongings when staging your home to sell
  • Expanding your storage space when you need to do a renovation
  • De-cluttering your home while you get ready for a remodel
  • Providing space for boxes when planning a local DIY move
  • Pre- and post-move storage if you are unable to go directly from one home to another
  • Emergency unexpected movement of belongings (e.g., a flooded house)
  • Temporary seasonal storage for college students
  • Business storage for trade shows or other events
  • Serves as extended storage for camping and other outdoor events

The great thing about portable storage containers is your mover can transport them immediately, or they can hold your belongings on-site until you’re ready for delivery.

Other Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

Aside from versatility, portable storage containers offer renters many other tangible short-term or long-term benefits. Consider the following advantages this type of storage solution provides:

  • Usually, they are more cost-effective than different types of storage solutions
  • Highly mobile, which aids in your ability to move them when you need to without much fuss
  • Made of solid materials and weatherproofed to keep your possessions safe, dry, and dust-free
  • Comes with a tamper-proof lockbox to keep your things secure and prying hands away

If you’re looking for long-term space, you can use portable storage containers as sheds for outdoor tools and other items. You can even stock them with supplies for emergency preparedness. Most companies offer affordable monthly rates, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the storage you need for as long as you want.

Looking to Rent a Portable Storage Container?

Many of our customers love the versatility of storage containers and use them for various purposes, including, but not limited to, the above reasons. The beauty of these storage solutions is that, whatever your storage needs, one of these containers can solve your problem.

Contact us to learn more about the rental process and our container size options or obtain information about our reasonable pricing. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide you with more information.

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Tips for Moving With a Young Baby or Toddler

Moving with little ones can be tricky. However, you can manage the process with some careful preparation. Here are tips for relocating with babies or toddlers.

Handle Medical Needs

Visit your child’s pediatrician to be sure you’re up-to-date on all the shots and tests. Being up-to-date will give you a time cushion when you move into your new home.

Secure a pediatrician in your new location before your move, just in case your baby develops a fever right after the move.

Develop a Packing Strategy

Every task requires more time when you have a baby or toddler, so you’ll want to start packing as soon as possible. However, you also want to ensure that you avoid having boxes out that the baby could pull up on and injure themselves.

One strategy is to begin packing in rooms you can shut off from the baby. Another is to take time off to pack closer to your move date. A third strategy is to let the professional moving team pack for you. Often, the packing service adds little to your bill, especially when you consider the importance of your time.

Talk to Toddlers About the Move

Talk to your toddlers about the move. Be sure they understand that all of their stuff will go with you and that the whole family will stay together in the new home. Also, prepare them for the physical chaos of packing and the events of moving day. One way to do this is by reading stories from books about moving, such as New House, Same Underwear, the Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day, and Moving House.

Keep Routines the Same

Babies and toddlers thrive on routines. As much as possible, stick to the same feeding, sleeping, and waking schedules.

Pack a Necessities Box

Pack a moving emergency kit that includes the items you’ll need while traveling and immediately after arriving in your new home. Include items such as:

  • Diaper bag items
  • Their favorite toys
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Extra clothes
  • Pajamas
  • Formula
  • Sheets for baby’s crib

Also, pack up your child’s room last and unpack it first at the new home.

Develop a Moving Day Strategy

Find someone to help with your children on Moving Day. They could go to a grandparent’s house or the home of a friend or neighbor until the truck is loaded and you’re ready to leave. If you can’t find anyone to help with your children, consider having one parent take the child with them to run last-minute errands while the other parent supervises the loading of the truck.

Stay Calm

Children pick up on the anxiety of the surrounding adults. Find ways to relax and stay calm yourself. Take a break, go to the park, listen to music, or enjoy a massage. Ask for and accept help and practice self-compassion.

Take Your Time Unpacking

A small child demands a lot of time and attention, especially during times of change. Take your time unpacking boxes and spend time with your little one. Consider having the movers unpack to free up your time to help you and your child adjust to your new home.

Let us help you manage your move with small children. Contact us today.