You’re In Your New Home: Now What? Tips For The First Week

You’re beginning to get settled into your new home — congratulations! A successful household move deserves to be celebrated. However, it can be tough to feel at home in your new space, and you may even feel a little bit homesick. 

No matter how excited you were to get into your new home, leaving the old behind can be difficult. It’s normal for you to feel a little sad as you go through the transition of getting used to your new home. Try these tips to help you settle in during your first week in your new home.

Take Unpacking Slowly

When you look at all the boxes in your new home, it can feel overwhelming. But, remember, there’s no award for who can unpack the fastest. Taking it one box at a time is a great way to set up your home in a way that makes sense to you. 

If you loved the layout of your old home and had a solid grasp on organization, take your time resetting your old strategies in your new home. On the other hand, if your past organization left something desired, this is the perfect time to hit reset. Think about the areas in your old home that were cluttered or caused you stress, and take the time to develop new systems that will better fit you. 

Work through each room, figuring out ways to organize that makes sense for you and your family. Now is the perfect time for you to try something new – and if your new system isn’t a good fit for your family, you can always go back to your old way of doing things, no harm done.

Explore the Neighborhood

Take a break from your unpacking and organizing, and explore your new neighborhood and community. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, determine where the nearest grocery store is, and map out the route to your office. Start researching professionals and service providers like doctors, plumbers, and handy workers.

Venture out into the neighborhood and find a great new place to eat. Although it might take a few tries to identify your favorites, finding new places to dine out or get delivery can be one of the most exciting parts of settling into a new neighborhood. Whether you decide to try a restaurant on a whim or go off the recommendations of your new neighbors, finding new places to eat can help you feel at home. If you’re able, walking to a restaurant can be a fun way to take in the sights and sounds of your new neighborhood while getting a lay of the land.

Get In Touch With Old Friends

One challenging part about leaving your old home behind is not being physically close to your old friends. Luckily, today’s technology makes it easy for you to stay in close contact with the people you care about. Texting, FaceTiming, and old-fashioned phone calls are all great ways for you to chat with your old friends and make a needed personal connection. Realizing that your old relationships aren’t going anywhere can go a long way in helping you feel settled in your new space. If your friends live within driving distance, inviting them over for a housewarming party is a great way to keep in touch and begin to relax in your new home.

 Settle Into Your New Home

We can help with your upcoming move. Contact us for a quote. We can get you there stress-free.

5 Things to Do Before You Pick a Storage Unit

Oh, the perils of moving! You wind your way between the stacks of boxes and wish that you had a better way.

Many people rent storage space to help them get the boxes out as they pack. And if you’re planning to get an early start, it might be a good choice for you.

Other families find themselves in a position where their home sells before their new home is ready. They need to vacate their house and need a place to put their belongings.

You need to consider your unique moving circumstances and the storage situation you need. 

The type of storage you choose will depend on how you’ll want to store your items, your budget, convenience, your kind of move, and the size of your move.

Follow these steps to help you decide.

1. Discover Your Storage Options

You may have lots of storage options near you, so it’s wise to consider each one. When you hire a moving company, ask them what they have to offer. Full-service moving companies typically have storage facilities. Their solution might be the smartest choice.

It’s also wise to think about your plans to load the unit. If there will be any individual packing and loading on your part, you’ll save time and hassle by selecting one close to home.

2. Check on Storage Access

When it comes to accessing the storage unit, you either need it, or you don’t. Some storage units are available to you 24/7. Others presume that the moving company is loading and unloading it for you.

Hardly anyone packs a box, assuming they will need to get into it again before moving. But if you think that’s likely, you may want to ask about how you can get to it.

3. Think Larger

People hire experts to help them move because you really can’t be sure how much it involves. For example, guessing the proper storage unit size could lead you to select something too small.

Often, people underestimate the amount of stuff they have. Unfortunately, this means that if you choose a storage unit, you’ll probably need a bigger one.

Don’t feel bad about opting for a larger unit. It doesn’t say anything about your habits or personality, just the size of your home.

4. Choose the Right Dimensions

Although the size of the storage unit is a big deal, the dimensions can be a deal-breaker, too. After all, the last thing you want is to realize that the space isn’t large enough for your pool table, chest freezer, or sectional.

If you’re loading it yourself, remember that you also need room to get in and out. Don’t box yourself into a corner, or you’ll end up having to climb over things.

5. Don’t Duplicate Your Efforts

The point of hiring a moving company is to save your aching back. Loading boxes into a storage unit yourself doesn’t give you that benefit.

Instead, see what services your moving company offers. We can keep your items secure and efficiently packed with a seamless transfer to your new place.

On the Move

The moving process often goes more smoothly if you can pack things into storage. You just need the right kind of storage unit. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll avoid the most common problems and get the best one for your move.

Contact us for a free quote. We can help you with your specific moving and storage needs.