Long Distance Moves

Our team understands that relocating to a new home or business is a challenging transition. Through our client-focused process, our consultants are able to effectively direct you through the transition of a long distance move. Our primary goals is to work closely with our clients to reduce the anxieties and pressures that naturally accompany a long distance move and give clients the chance to transition smoothly and effectively.

With Sandhills Moving & Storage at your side to effectively execute your move, you will find that our staff is willing to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs, ensure the safety of your belongings and economically meet your budget requirements.

With thousands of relocations under our belt, our relocation consultants have seen virtually every type of move and are prepared to tackle all problems proactively by finding effective solutions that prioritize your needs. We understand that plans change and we are attentive to those changing needs by promoting a flexible environment.


    • Full Valuation Coverage available for your household goods.
    • Workman’s Compensation coverage protecting you from million dollar personal injury suites
    • General Liability Coverage protecting your property and family members



      • Certified Check or Cash
      • All major credit cards accepted
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