Best Reasons to Drive When Moving Cross-Country

Long-distance moves across the country are complex due to the details involved with not just the planning but the actual relocation details of getting from point A to point B. One of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether to fly or drive to your new home. Here are some benefits of driving across the country when you relocate.

Minimize Costs

Plane tickets are often expensive, costing hundreds of dollars per person. On the other hand, driving your own vehicle (also saving on shipping costs) is cost-effective and straightforward to plan. Even if you rent a car, van, or truck, this method of travel is less costly than purchasing plane tickets for your entire household.

Drive Directly to Your New Home

An essential factor to consider is whether your old and new homes are accessible to airports. If you have to rent vehicles, hire taxis (or ride-shares), or hitch rides to and from the airport, this involves more planning and probably expense. If you’re not near airports, this makes for an additional layer of complexity when planning. When you drive to your new town, you can simply pull into your driveway or garage upon arrival.

Provides Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of driving is you can set your own timetable, especially once you work out a delivery date with your mover. You can leave at any point before that and take your time navigating your way across the country.

Keep Valuables Safe

If you own several expensive items or are moving irreplaceable papers, photos, or artwork, you can keep them safely stowed with you at all times. If you’re flying, you don’t have the same ability to have your items with you during your trip.

Make Treasured Memories

Memories are an essential part of our lives, and traveling across the country provides a unique opportunity to create great ones. Consider the fact that you and your family can see regions you probably would not get the chance to see otherwise.

Consider all the places you have dreamed of or have not considered. Next, plan your trip to include stops to see the cities, mountains, landmarks, and other scenic stops you’d enjoy. During your trip, you can create and capture in photos new and treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Easier for Your Pets

Flying with pets is tricky at best, and most people do not want to treat their furry pals as luggage. Not only do most pet owners stress about flying with pets, but it’s also hard on the animal. It is essential to remember that rules regarding pets on flights can change, or the number of animals onboard can be restricted. There are also fees involved with checking pets on flights. Driving allows your pet to stay with you in a more controlled environment. This way, neither you nor your pets need to be stressed.

Ready to Plan Your Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moves involve many details. Working with an experienced moving company allows you more time to plan, knowing the heavy lifting is being taken care of for you. If you decide to drive, you can spend more time planning the vacation of a lifetime before you begin the next chapter of your life in your new location.

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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving to a new house is exciting, but it can be pretty intimidating, too. Although your house will eventually become your home, it can initially feel like you are living in a stranger’s house. Making your house feel like home will take time, but there are some easy, quick steps you can take as soon as you relocate to help your new house feel like it’s your own.

Make Kids and Pets Comfortable

Sometimes, life revolves around your kids and pets, so it makes sense to make them comfortable first. Prioritize setting up your kids’ bedrooms and play spaces first. Your kids will settle in faster once they have their belongings, pictures, and toys in their area. Keep pets happy by unpacking their familiar items from home, like their pet bed, toys, food bowl, and blankets.

Place Familiar Pieces

Everyone has a favorite decoration, painting, or photograph in their home. Start by unpacking your favorite familiar pieces and placing them around your house. The more you see everyday items in your new home, the sooner your space will reflect your personality and feel like home.

Return to Routine

Every family member will benefit from having your old routine back. The sooner you can settle into your old routine, the faster your new house will feel like home. Routine can be anything, from adhering to bath and bedtime for your kids to taking an evening stroll with your dog through your new neighborhood. Routine helps build comfort and will allow you to relax in your new space.

Prioritize Comfort

To feel at home, you need to be comfortable. As you are unpacking, prioritize bringing out comfort items first. Whether unpacking your favorite quilt to curl up on the sofa or unboxing your candle collection, having comfortable items around your home will make you feel good. Familiar textures, smells, and sights will help you settle into your new space faster.

Start Cooking

Ordering pizza on your first night in your new house is inevitable, but don’t continue the trend. The sooner you can start cooking in your new kitchen, the sooner your house will feel like home. Cooking your own meals inspires socialization in the heart of your home and helps you return to a routine that builds comfort.

Bring Your Personality

A new home is a blank canvas, perfect for adding personal touches. Introduce your personality to your new house so it feels like home. Adding your favorite paint color to the walls, quirky knickknacks around the house, or statement artwork can make your new dwelling feel like home. Introducing special touches to your space can help you make your house your own.

A Comfortable Household Move

A new home is an exciting opportunity to experience a new area and grow with new friends. A new house can initially feel awkward, but having your familiar items unpacked and in rotation can help you feel more at home. Use a professional mover to have your items in your hands sooner. Contact us today for a free moving quote so we can help you get back to your familiar, comfortable routine sooner.