Moving Day Secrets: What Movers Want You to Know

Hiring professional movers reduces stress and makes moving day more manageable when it comes to moving. After all, a moving team knows how to safely and quickly get your belongings where they need to be, so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

But what’s the best way to help movers? Do movers want or need your help — or are you getting in their way? Read on to learn moving day secrets your movers wish you knew.

Review (and Follow) Moving Company Policy

Before moving day rolls around, read your movers’ policies. A reputable company will lay out its policy about how — and if — customers should help.

Your moving team will likely want you to let them do the work.

Reading the policy, talking to your moving company beforehand — and then following this policy on moving day — will eliminate confusion.

Get Packing Done Ahead of Time

While there will always be odds and ends and last-minute items to pack, getting your belongings packed before moving day is essential.

After all, you’re paying the movers to be there. If you’re not ready for them, you’re paying them to wait. So have everything packed, labeled, and prepared to go before your movers arrive.

Secure Pets and Kids

On moving day, doors will be left open. People will go in and out. Large items will be lifted and set down.

Add pets and children into the mix, and it’s a recipe for potential problems. Just imagine a toddler deciding to walk through an open door to explore or someone tripping over your dog or cat while carrying a heavy load.

Keep everyone safe by keeping pets and children off-site, if possible.

Practice Clear Communication

Don’t be afraid to give your movers direct, clear instructions. They need to know where things are and where things go, and good communication is how to do it.

Labeling boxes properly is a component of effective communication, too. For example, marking boxes with “Fragile” and “This Side Up” is vital.

Be sure to indicate where in the new house each box should go, as well. This keeps movers from having to ask you, which is a time-waster.

Know What Movers Can’t Move

Reputable moving companies can’t move certain items. These are known as non-allowable items; regulations don’t allow movers to transport these materials.

You’ll need to check your moving company’s list for specifics. Still, most companies won’t transport anything flammable, volatile, explosive, or corrosive, including batteries, solvents, fertilizers, gasses, firearms, and cleaning supplies.

Your moving day involves so many components. Worrying about how to interact with the moving team shouldn’t be one of them.

By practicing good communication and reading (and following) the moving company’s policies about helping, you’ll gain a clear picture of what your role should be that day.

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