How to Prepare for a Move With Cats

By nature, cats are averse to change. Even the smallest changes can set them spiraling into unusual behaviors or even physical illness. Before making a significant change like a household move, it’s important to be proactive to make the process as safe, painless, and stress-free as possible for your furball. 

Pet parents who take the following steps find it helps make moving go much more smoothly for their four-legged friends.

Identify your cat

Cats are territorial by nature and may attempt to try to return to familiar surroundings. Before you move, update your cat’s tags with your new number and address.

You also might want to consider investing in a microchip to ensure your cat is easily identifiable in the event they do scurry out. If your pet is already chipped, change your contact information in the database.

Use a Cat Carrier

Some people dislike the thought of “locking” their beloved pet in a small box. However, crating during a move is truly is the best way to keep them safe. 

If your cat is unfamiliar with carriers, start familiarizing about a month before you move—place food near the carrier with favorite toys or blankets inside. Maybe go for some short rides. 

When the big day arrives, be sure your pet’s travel mode is at a comfortable temperature, so they aren’t injured through heat exposure.

Set Up a ‘Safe’ Room

Since cats are change-averse, try to keep them away from the hustle and bustle of moving as much as possible. Cats will instinctively know something is up. Unusual activity often results in stress, spraying, vomiting, or escape attempts. 

Set up a “safe room” where you can close the door and keep your cat away from the moving activity. Before relocating your cat to this room, remove everything needing to be packed to minimize disruption. Once the room is emptied, put your pet’s favorite items in the room, along with the carrier (door open).

Prepare Your New Home

Begin to pet-proof your new home. Move electrical cords and close off spots where your pet could sneak in and get stuck. Make sure that all windows in your new home have secure screens with no holes. Remove all poisonous houseplants and make sure that no pest-control poison traps remain anywhere in the house.

Set up space in a room where your feline can safely roam freely. Once you’ve assured yourself the room is secure, bring familiar items belonging to your pet into the room, along with food, water, and a litter box to allow them to acclimate and feel secure. Plan to keep your cat in this room for at least a week, and have household members spend some time in there each day (with treats!) so your pet doesn’t feel neglected or abandoned. 

When your cat is reasonably comfortable, you can start to allow them to roam a little more freely around your new home.

When making plans to move an outdoors cat, you’ll need to make additional adaptations because they run a higher risk of running back to familiar territory. Be sure to talk to the new occupants and neighbors of your former home to let them know to please not feed or encourage your cat to stick around; your cat will go to where they are fed, which you want to be strictly at your new home.

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Steps in a Local vs. Long-Distance Move

Moving is complicated. There are many details involved in any relocation, whether you are moving locally or further. One thing is for sure; a successful move starts with a solid plan.

Preparation for your move depends on whether you are moving locally or long distance. The moving industry considers interstate moves to be long-distance moves. Long-distance moves also involve distances of more than 400 miles. In some cases, interstate moves of more than 100 miles are considered long-distance, especially if you have heavy items that require special equipment.

You must generally book long-distance moves farther in advance than local moves and pack more carefully. Your choice of moving companies may also differ depending upon the type of move.

Steps in a Local Move

Booking and Packing

Get quotes and choose your mover two months before you need to move. You will have fewer choices, the closer you get to the moving date. Gather moving supplies and begin packing, unless the moving company is packing for you. Declutter as you pack.

Notify Others

About six weeks before, notify doctors, creditors, family, friends, and others that you plan to move. Fill out a change of address form at the post office about four weeks before. Contact utilities in your new location to arrange for service and those in your current location to arrange for disconnection.

Final Steps

Two weeks before, confirm plans with the mover. Confirm the travel arrangements for your family and pets.

One week before the move, print two copies of your Bill of Lading to keep with your important papers. Drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, grills, and other equipment. Refill prescriptions.

At least 24 hours before, defrost the refrigerator and freezer and pack those items you’ll want to have available on moving day and your first day in your new home.

Steps in a Long-Distance Move

Booking and Packing

Begin interviewing moving companies four months before and book at least 12 weeks before the move. If moving internationally, begin the process six months out. Consider whether you also will need to move your car. Many full-service moving companies can handle this for you or recommend a company that can.

Begin packing, unless you have hired the mover to do that. Packing for a long-distance move must be done much more carefully because boxes will be on the truck for longer. Household appliances require special handling for long-distance moves.

Downsizing, while important in a local move, is critical in a long-distance one. If you don’t love it, use it, or need it, then donate it or responsibly discard it.

Label boxes with the room the box should go in plus your name and phone number. Long-distance movers sometimes place boxes on a truck with those of other families. Your belongings also may not arrive at your new home for several days—pack essential items you will need right away separately and keep them with you or ship them ahead.

Notify Others

Just as with a local move, notify others, arrange for utilities, and make travel plans. Additionally, make sure your current driver’s license will be valid until you can obtain one in your new state. 

Final Steps

Two to three weeks out, confirm plans with the mover and print out the Bill of Lading.

As with a local move, drain oil and gas out of equipment about one week before. Then at least 24 hours before the move, defrost your freezer and refrigerator.

Moving Near or Far

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