Portable Storage Services

Sandhills Portable storage container in driveway

Sandhills Moving & Storage provides flexible, portable storage services to the Greater Sandhills area. We deliver your portable storage unit and you load it at our own pace. When you’re ready, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your next destination or store it at one of our storage facilities.

On-Site Storage

Whether you’re making renovations to your home or additions to your business, we can provide flexible and convenient storage solutions. We can deliver a storage container to your location so you can store your items right on-site. Now, you can complete your projects without unnecessary clutter and still access your goods.

Off-Site Storage

Should you require Off-Site Storage, we have Military-Approved storage facilities in Sothern Pines and Aberdeen. Both facilities are fire and security-protected.

Our Portable Storage Containers serve the following counties:

More – Lee – Chatham – Scotland – Richmond – Hoke – Robeson – Montgomery

 Anson – Chesterfield and Marlboro counties in South Carlina


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