Turn Moving the Family Across Country Into a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Are you planning a cross-country move for your family? Maybe you are looking for ideas to make the best use of your travel time while professional movers transport your belongings?

One of the major concerns working families have about moving across the country involves time. Moving companies typically require days and sometimes weeks to load belongings and transport them thousands of miles. If you enlist a professional moving company to wrap fragile items and pack them securely as well, that could add an extra day or two to your moving timeline.

Rather than hole up in a stuffy hotel room while waiting for the moving trucks to arrive at your new home, it may be worthwhile to make good use of the time. The great American family road trip might be precisely what you and your loved ones need to bond before immersing yourselves in a new home and community.

Prepare for the Big Day

When moving day arrives, the last thing most people want to deal with is overwhelming last-minute decisions. That’s why it’s essential to conduct a thorough review of your household goods long before the big day. Consider purging unused or rarely used items and:

  • Sell items on Craigslist or a local platform
  • Donate items to charity
  • Hold a yard sale
  • Give away things to family or friends
  • Put items at the curb with a “Free Stuff” sign
  • Discard any lingering items

By lightening your moving load weeks in advance, you’ll have adequate time to run through a moving checklist and ensure your plan remains on schedule. 

Part of this process can involve mapping out the family road trip.

How to Travel the Country Inexpensively

A successful family road trip generally requires some outside-the-box thinking. Many people would run a Google Maps search that indicates the fastest route from Point A to Point B. Although that may seem logical at first, you’re not necessarily trying to get there as quickly as possible. Consider this moving hiatus a way to see as much of the big, beautiful country as possible in one week. These travel suggestions may shine a light on road-tripping.

  • Check for non-commercial attractions
  • Set your travel route to maximize leisure enjoyment
  • Consider camping at national or state parks
  • Stop for a night of skiing or another family activity you all enjoy
  • Pack a cooler with food that you can grill outdoors
  • Stay at budget-friendly motels if it rains
  • Turn off electronics and enjoy each other’s company
  • Spend a day at the beach or a lake along the way

What’s truly important is taking time out of the hustle and bustle of daily life. Communicate to your employer or employees that family time is precious and should not be interrupted with anything short of a crisis. 

Making it Home

When you hire a reputable, experienced long-distance mover, you can be sure that your household belongings will arrive safely at your new home.

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