Tips for Sorting and Downsizing Your Wardrobe for a Move

One of the keys to a successful household move is decluttering. For many people, one of the essential areas to purge is their wardrobe. Here are some tips for sorting and reducing your wardrobe.

Clear the Clothes Out of Your Closet

First, pull all the clothes out of your closet so that you can see them. Before deciding what to keep or eliminate, you must clearly understand your whole wardrobe. For example, you may need a few dress pants for work. If you pull each item out, one at a time, you may not notice how many you have. However, looking at them together, you may realize you have 20 appropriate pairs. So you’ll want to cull them down to a few favorites.

Put an item back in the closet when you decide to keep it. If you choose to donate it, put it in a box marked “donate” and set it aside.

Inspect Each Item

Thoroughly inspect each item. Does it look faded or worn? Is it torn and difficult to repair? If so, discard it.

If you don’t discard an item immediately, try it on. If it doesn’t fit, is unflattering, or is out of style, put it in the donate box.

Consider What You Wear

Try the reverse-hanger hack if you have several months to pare down your wardrobe. First, turn clothes around, so they hang in the opposite direction. Then, as you wear each item, rehang it correctly. Then you’ll see what you wear.

If you have little time before your move, hold up each piece and consider when you last wore them. If you need help remembering, the item is a candidate for donating or discarding.

Seek Help from Others

A friend or family member can often help you declutter. For example, if you and your spouse are moving together, try helping each other declutter. Often, another person can help you avoid keeping items you no longer need, especially if you’re hanging onto an article purely for emotional reasons.

Suppose you are stuck on an item. Your friend or spouse might ask you to describe why you want to keep it. Often, you’ll realize your reasons aren’t valid when you hear yourself speak them out loud.

Thank Each Item

Another way to emotionally let go of clothing items is to thank the item, recounting what it has meant to you over time. For example, you may recall the time you first wore the garment. Clearly say what you appreciate about the item.

Then, say why it no longer works for you. And forgive yourself.

For example, suppose a formal outfit was your favorite in college but no longer fits properly. You might say

“I remember wearing this outfit for my graduation. I am thankful that it made me look so good on that occasion. Now, however, it no longer fits me comfortably. So I don’t need it; someone else can love it now.”

Moving Assistance

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