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Sandhills Moving proudly serves the Mt Gilead, NC and Raleigh Areas and has for more than 50 years. We provide customers with reliable, easy, and 100% safe long-distance and local moving services.

We aren’t your typical moving company. Far from it:

  • We’re Hi-Tech (And Old School): We combine old fashioned sweat and elbow grease with modern technology. On location quotes? That’s way too 20th Century for us. Just send us a video and some pictures and we’ll give you an estimate ASAP. Feel free to FaceTime us if you want!
  • We’re a Family: This isn’t your typical massive moving agent with hundreds of employees. We’re a family. Many of our members are born and raised nearby. You know how close families work. We motivate each other to provide the best service possible.
  • Our Strict Vetting Process: Nobody is allowed to wearing the Sandhills uniform without being thoroughly vetted. We interview and background check all of our team members. If there’s a rotten apple, we catch them before they work for us, not after they make a mistake. That’s how we’ve built our reputation.
  • Employee Training: All of our employees attend an extensive training process. Before they enter your home, we make sure they know how to pack, carry, and load as safely as possible for your home and possessions (and their backs!). And yes, we will pad the railings!
  • Your Own Moving Manager: How many movers give you your own personal moving manager? Someone to coordinate the entire move from A to B and act as your point of contact for any questions or concerns? Not many. That’s the power of choosing a Mayflower agent!

Our Moving Services

What can we help you with? 

Local Movers

Why leave lovely North Carolina? If you plan on staying in-state, we’ve got teams of local movers with years of experience standing by.

Moving within Mt. Gilead? Great. Going to Raleigh? Enjoy the big city. 

We’ve even got customized packages in case you need to save a bit of money. We’re happy to work with you however we can!

Long Distance Movers

We’re a small operation. But we’re connected to the big boys too. 

Sandhills connects you directly to Mayflower Van Lines, America’s leading moving fleet.

There are hundreds of agents across America ready to help you relocate as quickly and affordably as possible.

All you have to do is tell us where you are and where you’re moving. We can handle the rest.

Commercial Moving?

Mt. Gilead, NC is part of Raleigh, the business hub of our great state. 

Tech startup? We don’t know much about Javascript, but we know how to handle your electronics with care.

Small office? We’ll move everything plus the coffee machine from A to B.

Manufacturing outfit? We’re strong enough to lift anything. Try us!


Packing is the hardest part of moving. You’ve got to make use of every square inch or else you risk breaking your things in transit.

No need to worry, our packers are better with cubes than most geometrists. 

We’ll skillfully and delicately pack every box to optimize space and protect your belongings.

No need for you to lift a finger.


Want to let us borrow your things for a while?

We’ll give them back. We swear!

We’ll even keep them in a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled warehouse with maximum security. 

A day, a week, a month, a year (hey, do you even want this stuff back?)—we’ll take it for as long as you want.

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