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We are the most affordable local and long-distance movers in Lumberton! Fast, affordable, and convenient—that’s Sand Hills Moving!

Why Sandhills?

We’ve been doing business in the local area since 1964. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose us instead of the “college-guys-and-a-truck” outfits:


  • Licensed, bonded, and insured: We are a professional moving company. NOT a rental truck and pair of hands.
  • A+ rating with the BBB: Our customers and 3rd-party reviewers love our services.
  • Trained and vetted staff: We put our team members through an extensive interview and background check process. Then, they are fully trained—sometimes for weeks—until they’re ready to get their hands on your furniture.
  • Mayflower protection: Mayflower’s full value protection helps you rest easy. You’ve got nothing to worry about! Everything is fully guaranteed.


Sandhills Moving has proudly served Lumberton, NC and Robeson County since 1964, priding itself on convenient, affordable, and 100% secure moving services.

What Can Our Movers Do For You?

We aren’t your typical moving company. Far from it:


  • We’re Hi-Tech (And Old School): Why wait days for an on-site quote when you can just take a video and get a fast, free quote right from your couch? This isn’t 1920 anymore, come on. We’ll even FaceTime you if you want. Kidding!
  • We’re a Family: We aren’t one of those typical moving companies with hundreds of employees, most of them temporary. We’re a tight-knit family, and most of us have grown up in the local area. You know how small families work. We’ve got a name to uphold here, and we make sure nobody ruins our reputation!
  • Your Own Moving Manager: How many movers give you your own personal moving manager? Your manager will coordinate every facet of your move from the initial quote to clearing the debris at your new home. Our customers swear it eliminates almost all of their stress!


Local Movers

Staying in North Carolina? Good choice.

Moving around Lumberton? Even better.

Our local movers will show up bright and early, ready to get you to your new home quickly and safely. Hopefully on the same day!

Long-Distance Movers

As part of Mayflower Transit, Sandhills connects you to America’s #1 fleet of trucks and hundreds of agents across the nation.

We have partners in every major city and each state, so we’ll get you where you need to go no matter where it is. 

All you have to do is tell us where to meet you on the other end.

Commercial Moving?

Lumberton business? Yep, we can help you too.

Small offices, corporate HQ, manufacturing outfit—we’ve moved every type of business in town. 

We have special teams of experienced commercial movers that know how to disassemble, pack, and reassemble furniture AND take care of your important business documents. 


Packing is the hardest part of moving. You’ve got to make use of every square inch or else you risk breaking your things in transit.

Let our team handle the heavy lifting…err…packing! We’ll make sure every square inch is packed as safely and tightly as possible so nothing breaks. You’ll save on materials, truck space, and damage repairs.


Want to let us borrow your things for a while?

We’d be happy to keep them in our temperature-controlled, highly secure storage facilities. Take as long as you need. Your stuff is safe with us. We’ve even got long-stay discounts. Think of it as a storage hotel! 

We recommend you stay at a hotel off I-95, though.

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