How to Wrap Breakables for Safe Transport When Moving

Moving is a busy time with many tasks to manage. One important detail you don’t want to overlook is prepping your breakable items for safe transport during your move. Taking proactive steps before and during your fragile items’ packing goes a long way toward ensuring they arrive at your new home fully intact.

Wrap Each Piece Individually

Separately wrapping each delicate piece is the best way to prevent any cracks or breaks because it helps prevent items from accidentally hitting up against one another during transport. Use a combination of bubble wrap to cover the item entirely and packing peanuts to cushion it in the box. If you’re looking to pack with less waste, repurpose old clothing, towels, or use thick layers of recyclable packing paper to wrap and cushion your belongings.

Use Extra Padding and Double Box

Using extra padding for fragile items, especially those valuable and sentimental objects, provides additional protection. Padding, along with a double box strategy, ensures safe and sturdy packing to accommodate delicates.

Pro Tip: Be sure to fill up all available space in both boxes to ensure there is no shifting of your belongings while in transit.

Use the Right-Sized Boxes

When moving breakables, be sure the boxes you choose to pack your items in are:

  • Small to medium size for ease of handling.
  • Sturdy enough to hold the size and weight of your belongings.
  • Contain enough extra room to fit packing materials to cushion your possessions.

Whatever type of boxes you choose, be sure not to overpack any of them because this can increase breakage during the moving process.

Position Heavy Items on the Bottom

After you wrap your fragile possessions, strategically pack these items by positioning the heaviest items on the bottom. This approach helps to prevent heavier items from crushing the lighter and more delicate pieces. It also ensures enough weighted support at the box’s base to keep it firmly in place during the move.

Tape the Bottom of All Boxes

Securing the bottom of any cardboard packing boxes with a generous amount of packing tape ensures they don’t separate under their contents’ weight. Be sure to avoid using rope, duct tape, masking tape, or another type of tape that is not designed for this purpose. Use packing tape that is at least two inches wide and apply it using the H-taping method to secure your boxes.

Clearly Label Each Box

Clearly labeling any box or plastic bin containing fragile items lets anyone handling them know to take extra care. Use a black Sharpie marker or buy packing tape that is stamped with the word “fragile.” After labeling, write “this side up” on the box to ensure that people handling them don’t accidentally turn the boxes upside down.

Looking for Help With Your Next Move?

When it comes to packing your breakable possessions, this is one job you don’t want to rush or take any shortcuts. Hiring an excellent moving company can ensure your valuable and sentimental items arrive safely to your new home. Our experienced movers have the experience and the equipment to get the job done right. For help with your move, call us today for a price quote.

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