How to Split a Bedroom Into Two for Kids

Part of growing up with siblings means sharing everything. For many families, it means sharing a bedroom, which challenges everyone involved. Fortunately, splitting a room between two siblings doesn’t have to be a chore. With creativity and the right mindset, the results might actually be better.

So, let’s discuss some top tips for splitting a bedroom into two for your children when you make a residential move. You can use some or all of these ideas – there are no “wrong” answers.

Consider Both Child’s Needs

Realistically, a bedroom won’t have equal features that you can split evenly down the middle. For example, there might be windows on one side, meaning one child can access them while the other has more wall space.

The key to creating a positive environment for both children is to consider each of their needs and discuss options. For example, one of them prefers having more wall space to store toys and other items. Or, partition the room at the window so that both children can sleep or play near the window.

Use Room Dividers

One of the biggest challenges of sharing a room with a sibling is having privacy from them. This problem can be even worse if there is a significant age gap between each child or if they’re of different sexes.

Traditional room dividers provide some privacy but are also open. Depending on the situation, you can create your own partitions, such as using furniture (i.e., bookcases) or hanging sheets from the ceiling. Be sure to discuss each option with the kids so they can provide input.

Allow Both Kids to Decorate and Paint

One way for children to look forward to sharing a room with a sibling is to have them be in charge of how their space looks. For example, each child can paint half of the room and decorate it however they want. This will give them some ownership of the room, and it’ll be much easier to tell whose side is whose.

Use a Bunk Bed as a Wall

Having two beds in a shared room can leave little space for other furniture. Many families choose to use a bunk bed to alleviate space concerns. Who says the bed has to be against the wall? If you place it in the center of the room as a divider, two children can take advantage on both sides.

Utilize Wall Space

Installing shelves or tall bookcases can be challenging when organizing a child’s room because they may only reach some things. However, you can use vertical storage space for items that don’t get used often, such as seasonal clothing. This way, those items don’t take up valuable real estate inside the room, allowing each child to take advantage of the space left behind.

Get Help Moving Your Kids’ Belongings

If you’re moving into a house where your children will share a bedroom, let us help pack and transport their belongings. We take great care with all of our client’s items, and we can make sure nothing gets left behind. Contact us today to find out more!


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