How to Pack Seasonal Décor Before You Move

When you pack away seasonal decorations, it’s tempting to throw everything in. But if you know you’re making a household move within a year, you need to take care.

No one wants to pack twice. And you definitely don’t want everything to arrive in shards.

If you have a head start on the move, now’s the time to take advantage. Use these tips to keep your décor compact and secure for your move.

Test Your Decorations

The best time to pack your decorations is right after the season. This way, you know what works and what you should toss out.

If you’re starting to pack items that you haven’t used in a while, take a moment to inspect them. After all, a broken string of lights in your old home isn’t going to fix itself.

If you want to repair anything before you pack it, give yourself plenty of time. You may need a week or more to get new bulbs, fix wiring, or glue a ceramic item back together.

Thin Out Unwanted Décor

People tend to move more things than they expected. This is partly because they keep more than they want.

If your décor doesn’t reflect your current life, it’s time to rethink it. A little decluttering could save you time in packing and unpacking.

Make a pile for things you want to keep and other piles to donate or give away. Fewer boxes for your move can be the biggest win.

Use Original Boxes

Many seasonal decorations come in boxes that you can keep for storage. That holiday tree might be a pain to get into a small package, but it takes up a lot less space.

The original boxes also help to keep things in ideal condition. For any glass or ceramic items, the box may be your best protection.

This is a good general rule to follow, but it doesn’t always apply. If you have damaged or oversized boxes, feel free to use an alternative.

Aim for Organization

Even if you use the original containers, you might need to place things into larger boxes or bins for transport. Try to keep it organized so that you can find what you need later on.

As moving day approaches, you may think about tossing everything in to sort out when you arrive. But all this does is set aside stress for later.

This year, give yourself the gift of clarity. If you have several boxes for a single holiday, be specific about what goes in each one.

Add Extra Protection

Since many seasonal decorations are delicate, you want them to show up as you packed them. For this, you’re going to need additional protection.

The best way to pack glass or other breakable materials involves extra padding. Bubble wrap is great, but you can also rely on packing paper or newspaper.

Labeling can also help to protect your décor from damage. Noting that certain boxes are fragile reminds moving professionals to take extra care.

Are you getting ready to move soon? Get your seasonal décor in line right now. With this advice, you’ll have better holidays to come.

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