9 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Prospective Movers

Knowing the right questions to ask prospective movers will help you choose the best one for your relocation day. Here are the top questions to ask before selecting a professional mover.

1. How Many Years Have You Been in Operation?

Many moving companies have been in business for decades. If a mover has been in business for several years, the company likely has many satisfied customers.

2. Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Moving companies should be authorized by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and have a Department of Transportation (DOT) identification number. If you have the mover’s DOT ID number, you can verify FMCSA authorization yourself.

3. Can You Provide All the Services I Need?

Not all moving companies are full-service. Be sure the mover provides the services you need. Services might include

  • Packing
  • Furniture assembly
  • Transportation for items such as hot tubs or pianos
  • Storage
  • Custom crating

4. How Do You Determine the Cost of the Move?

Sometimes moving companies charge by weight and distance, while other times they charge by the required time. Some companies have different rates depending on where and when you move. Other companies provide binding estimates, while others offer nonbinding estimates.

Make sure you understand the factors that determine the cost of your move and that you’re comparing like estimates.

5. Are There Additional Fees?

Some moving companies charge extra for moving oversize pieces, such as pianos. In addition, some companies add a fuel surcharge. While none of these charges is necessarily bad practice, you want to ensure the mover has listed these charges on your contract.

Also, ask whether the mover provides free boxes or if you will have to buy them.

6. What Time Will the Moving Truck Arrive at the Destination?

Knowing when the truck will arrive at the destination is particularly important for long-distance moves. Some movers will provide a delivery window of several days, especially if the move is across the country.

Ask each prospective moving company about the timing of their delivery. For example, if they offer a delivery window, you’ll need to be available to receive the goods during that window. If that won’t work, ask about a guaranteed delivery date.

Also, ask about charges if the moving truck arrives at your destination before you do. Finally, ask about storage options if you can’t be at your new destination until after the truck arrives.

7. Who Will Be Moving My Goods?

Ask about the experience of the crew that will handle your move. Also, ask about the training the company provides for its movers.

Some movers subcontract moves to small companies. Ask if your mover does this, and if they do, find out the company’s name so you can check its reputation, too.

8. How Often Are Your Trucks Serviced?

A reputable moving company will maintain vehicles properly. Ask about the maintenance schedule.

9. Do You Have Experience With Moves Like Mine?

You want to be sure your moving company has handled whatever may come up with your relocation. For example, if you are moving to a townhouse with multiple stories, ask about the company’s experience with townhome moves.

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