5 Ways to Make Your Office Move Easier

Office relocation requires many steps and can be time-consuming. If you take these steps, you can make your relocation easier for yourself and your employees. Planning in advance, decluttering your office space, and creating a communications plan are all things you can do to ensure your office relocation will be as simple and successful as possible. Here’s what you need to know to ensure a satisfying and lower-stress experience for your business.

1. Plan Far In Advance

As soon as your business is sure an office move is coming, start planning. You can even start planning your relocation years in advance. The more time you give yourself, the easier to finish everything by the deadline. Your plan should include decluttering (see below), budgeting, and replacing all business cards and letterhead with your new address.

To start planning, create a moving committee of decision-makers and staff who can keep the process moving. Have them create a written plan, including a step-by-step process for completing the work. They will need to assign someone (or a group of people) to each task that needs to be completed.

2. Get Rid of Equipment and Clutter You Don’t Need

Decluttering before moving is a way to save money and maintain a neat workspace when you move into your new office. Go through your storage closets, desks, and drawers to remove anything your office no longer needs. This may include office equipment and even supplies. The more you can eliminate, the easier it will be to pack and leave when the time comes.

3. Create a Communications Plan

Every business needs a communications plan during a relocation. The communications plan should include separate timelines for communicating with customers, vendors, and staff.

Give your office plenty of time to communicate with all involved parties, and make sure that you’re communicating with all involved parties using a variety of methods (email, in-person, online, etc). Keep in mind that your communication goal varies depending on the audience.

Your employees must understand how this change benefits them and what they should do to prepare for the relocation. Customers must know how to reach your business once the relocation occurs. Write different messages for different audiences.

4. Protect Your Office Data

Protecting your office data is never more critical than when you’re in a relocation. If something should happen to one of your computers, it’s essential to know that you have the data backed up. Work with someone in your office to ensure all data has been backed up to a network where employees can access it from other computers. You can also back up your information to a cloud server, where you can access it from any device.

5. Create a Timeline

Sticking to a timeline is essential when relocating. Falling behind on a critical step like packing could mean your relocation is delayed or much more chaotic than expected. Post your timeline for relocation somewhere in your office where everyone can see their roles and deadlines for accomplishing moving-related tasks.

Trust the Moving Professionals

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