5 Moving Safety Tips to Remember

Moving heavy boxes, lifting heavy items, and engaging in strenuous physical activity can be dangerous if you’re not used to it. Fortunately, you can make your upcoming relocation safer and easier by following these tips. 

By lifting safely, knowing your limits, taking breaks when you need them, eating nutritious food, and taking other precautions, you can avoid injury during your upcoming household relocation.

1. Lift Safely

Lifting can cause back injuries that result in pain, discomfort, and worse. If you’re not lifting boxes safely, you could do damage to your back that could hinder you for the rest of your move. To lift safely, follow these tips.

  • Lift from the knees
  • Keep your back straight
  • Don’t twist while lifting
  • Hold the box as close to your body as you can
  • If the box is too large to lift on your own, get help
  • Don’t try to raise a carton that you have to strain to pick up

2. Know Your Limits

Whether lifting many boxes or packing them all day long, it’s essential to give your body a break. Take breaks throughout the day, and stop before you’re too tired to pack or lift boxes. You may become more tired and less coordinated as the day wears on. Give your body time to regenerate and rest.

3. Take Care Of Yourself

Your body will need extra nutrition, plenty of sleep, and lots of water throughout the day. So drink at least 4 liters of fluid daily, and eat a diet rich in whole grains, protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables. And ensure you have eight hours of sleep at night.

Among the many moving challenges, some people have difficulty eating healthy foods during a relocation because they can no longer cook their food once their pots and pans are packed.

Find restaurants in your area that offer healthy options and deliver to your home. Also, stock up on snack foods rich in protein, like peanuts, cheese, and boiled eggs.

4. Send Kids to Be With Friends on Moving Day

Kids can get in the way on moving days, which is unsafe for them or you. Instead, consider sending your children to be with friends when moving day comes. This will allow you to focus on the task and prevent your child from getting underfoot and thus injured. If you have a pet, do the same thing – send them to a boarding house for the day, or to spend time with relatives or friends.

5. Use the Right Equipment

Don’t try to lift oversized, bulky items on your own! Get help from a friend, or use a dolly to lift heavy boxes and small pieces of furniture. If you’re lifting appliances, use an appliance dolly.

Get Help from the Professionals

Stay safe during your upcoming relocation by hiring professionals! We have the training and the proper equipment to ensure your relocation will go smoothly. Contact us to make an appointment to get a free quote on your upcoming move.

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