4 Tips for Changing Your Address Before Your Move

Notifying everyone you’re moving should be one of your priorities. Notifications are essential for sensitive accounts or other critical mail or deliveries you receive. Try these four tips for changing your address to ensure you don’t forget anyone important.

1. Verify Your New Address

Be sure to verify your address with your realtor, landlord, or property management company before you notify people of your residential move. With so many things you must remember during the time leading up to your move, it’s easy to make errors.

You don’t want to inadvertently misremember a house number, apartment number, zip code, or even the correct spelling of your new street or town. So before you begin changing your address, write the address down clearly and keep it accessible until you can commit it to memory.

2. Create a List of Who You Need to Inform

Make a list of everyone you need to notify you will have a change of address, including people, businesses, agencies, and others needing your location. Below is a general list of who you should contact.

  • Banks, credit unions, credit, and other financial institutions
  • PayPal, Venmo, and any other online accounts
  • Employers and schools
  • Insurance companies: homeowners, renters, motor vehicles, and healthcare
  • Utility companies (gas, electric, water, oil, etc.)
  • DMV, IRS, Social Security Administration, and voter registration
  • Cellphone and Internet providers
  • Doctors and other healthcare facilities
  • Recurring deliveries
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Family and friends

When making your list, remember to list account numbers for relevant contacts. For online accounts, have user names, passwords, and any other authentication information you’ll need handy. This way, you’ll ensure you don’t miss anything important and you connect your new address to the correct account.

3. Send Notifications in Small Batches

Since this task can be so overwhelming when you’re probably juggling many other things, it might be easier to set smaller blocks of time to submit the change of address notifications. For example, pick 30 minutes to an hour at a time to allow some time to sit down and concentrate.

4. Notify the United States Postal Service

There’s a good chance you won’t remember to notify everyone, or you’ll miss mail from occasional contacts. For these occasions, the United States Postal Service offers people the ability to forward their mail for free. For one year, the postal service will send your mail to your new address as long as the sender doesn’t designate “do not forward” on the mail.

You can do this in several ways: register with the USPS online, call the post office at 1-800-ASK-USPS, or fill out Form 3575 and send it to the USPS. Remember, you’ll need to fill out the details for each household member moving with you to ensure they forward everyone’s mail to your new home.

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