Your “Do Not Pack” Box for Your Relocation

When you make a residential move, it’s easy for important items to get tossed into random boxes, disappearing for months as you take the time to unload things in your new home meticulously. It’s a good idea to place important documents in a safe box that you keep with you as you move (instead of risking the possibility of getting the box lost on a moving truck).

Here, we’ll take a look at everything you’ll want to include in your “do not pack” box.

A quick note: Be sure to clearly, brightly label your “do not pack” box and keep it separate from the boxes intended to go on the moving truck.

Must-Have #1: Birth Certificates

From signing little ones up for school to getting new identification, you’ll want to make sure you have birth certificates for everyone in your family. If you’re not sure where a birth certificate is, be sure to reach out to the governing body in the state in which you were born to get a new copy.

Must-Have #2: Passports

Whether you’re moving internationally or not, you’ll want to have your passports nearby as you go through the moving process. In many cases, passports are preferred for identification purposes over driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to replace if you lose your passport in the moving process.

Must-Have #3: Social Security Cards

Much like your family’s passports and birth certificates, you must keep your social security cards near your person as you travel to your new home. You will sometimes need your social security cards as a form of identification in conjunction with a photo ID.  Keep in mind that social security cards can be a challenge to replace. being difficult to replace

Must-Have #4: Medication/Prescriptions

While you likely have medication in your overnight bag, it’s also essential to pack additional supplies and paper copies of your prescriptions in your “do not pack” box. If medication is lost or destroyed, you must be able to get a new prescription without having to wait to find a new doctor or urgent care center near your new home.

Must-Have #5: Custody and Other Legal Information

If you share custody of your children, you must have legal information with you in your “do not pack” box if you’re stopped or questioned by law enforcement. While this is rarely a problem when all parties are aware of a move, it’s wise to take the precaution of having your child(ren)’s legal paperwork with you.

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