Move-in Day! 4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Movers

Moving to a new home is exciting. But, it can also be stressful. In fact, a majority of couples admit to getting into some of their worst arguments while moving.

Using professional movers, rather than relying on family and friends, is one smart way to reduce moving stress. That said, it can be hard for some people to sit back while others do the work.

If you’re one of those people, there are some things you can do to help the movers’ jobs go smoothly on moving day. Check out these four tips for when household movers are helping with the move.

1. Unplug All of Your Electronics

If you’ve ever looked behind your entertainment center or computer desk, you’ve undoubtedly seen the tangled mess that electronics cords get into. These cords can be challenging for movers as they determine what goes with what, all while not breaking anything.

To help things go smoothly, unplug all the electronics, and wrap up the cords neatly. You might even detach the cords from the devices and place them in labeled bags. 

2. Take Everything off the Walls

It might seem insignificant, but the extra seconds to take every picture, painting, and shelf off of the walls add up. Take everything down that is hanging up, and lean it against the wall. You can make things even easier by leaning them all against one wall.

3. Set Aside the Stuff You Need

On moving day, there will be some items you immediately want access to. The last thing a mover wants to hear after they’ve neatly packed up the house into boxes is, “Hey…where’s my phone charger?”

Take items like a change of clothes, electronics chargers, laptops, and toiletries and set them aside in a separate box or bag. Label it “essentials box” and set it aside. Let the movers know that you will be taking it with you in your own car, or they should pack it on the truck last so that it is the first to come off the truck when you reach your new home.

4. Know Where You Want Things to Go

Both you and the movers will be happier in the end if you are at the new home directing where items should go in the house. This makes it easier for them to know they’ve done their job well, and makes it easier for you not to have to move heavy items around too much.

It’s good to have an idea of where you want the big items to go in the new house. This way, you won’t have movers dragging a sectional sofa from one end of the room to the other. 

If you are packing your own boxes, label them on each side with the room you want them to go to. Packing and labeling is an essential part of the moving process.

Get Ready to Move into Your New Home!

With these tips, you’ll be ready to support your movers and move into your new home.

If you need professional help with your move, we have you covered. Check out our services and get a free quote today.

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