How to Pack a TV for a Move

Moving to a brand new home is exciting, but packing and hauling everything can be challenging. Although most of it is straightforward, things can become complex regarding large items, breakables, and expensive possessions such as televisions.

Flatscreen TVs are fragile and uniquely shaped and require special attention when preparing for a household move. So here are some tips for moving your television.

 Prepare Your TV for Moving

The first step when moving is prepping all your possessions, including your television.

To make reassembly more manageable, take pictures of how you had the cables plugged in before unplugging and disassembling your electronics.

If your TV is mounted to the wall, carefully take it down. This usually requires two people to manage. On the other hand, if you have it mounted on a stand, you might be able to remove that stand with a little effort.

Next, unplug the TV and any associated electronics such as a cable box, DVR, or Roku box. Then use a microfiber cloth to dust off your TV and accompanying devices thoroughly.

Ensure you gather the cables, remotes, and other small pieces associated with the devices and place them in a plastic baggie. Clearly label the bag with a Sharpie so you can identify it later.

Packing Your TV

When transporting your TV, it is best to use the original packaging, including the original foam to protect the screen,  packing Styrofoam, and other packing material. 

Otherwise, your moving company can provide you with a specialized TV packing carton kit if you haven’t saved the original box and related packing materials. Using specialized TV moving cartons and packing materials is ideal for preventing damage.

Ensure you have two people handling the TV packing, and to achieve the best results, follow the instructions included with the TV carton kit. Start by wrapping the entire TV with the foam or bubble wrap that came with it. Next, secure the cushioning material with tape. Avoid placing tape directly on the TV.

Fill the box with the protective corner foam inserts from the original packaging or the ones that came with the carton. Then, stack the Styrofoam corner pieces on top of the TV before slipping it into the special cardboard carton.

Secure the box’s top with tape. Wrap tape vertically and horizontally to ensure all sides are secured. Then clearly label the box with the words “Fragile” and “This End Up.’

Carry and keep the TV upright after you pack it. You should avoid leaning in on its side. Movers recommend that you have your large TV professionally crated for extra protection.

Moving Help

Packing a TV for moving isn’t the only tricky part of moving. Do not risk damaging your valuable property by performing a DIY move. You can count on us for all your moving and storage needs, including safely getting your TV to its new location. Contact us today. Let us make your move more manageable. 


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