Choosing New Office Space? 6 Things to Consider

There’s so much to think about when you’re planning an office relocation! Location, amenities, and size are all factors that must be taken into consideration when you’re trying to choose an office space for your business. If your business will soon be relocating to a new office building, here’s what we recommend that you consider

1. Commute

Where do most of your employees work, and what will their commute be like when you relocate? A longer commute can negatively impact employee morale and quality of life. Choose an office in a location that is easy to reach, near major roadways, interstates, freeways, or public transportation.

2. Employee Willingness to Relocate

Employees who are not willing to relocate may take the opportunity to find another job, which could ultimately leave your business looking for new employees fast! Take a temperature check of your staff before signing a lease in a new location. Find out how the majority of your employees feel about the new site, and if there is a lot of unhappiness, this is a red flag.

3. Site Amenities

Site amenities matter! The more amenities and useful features in a single location, your office relocation will be better received by your employees and clients.

  • Parking lot. A spacious parking lot is essential, especially if your business is growing. Make sure you have enough spaces for current and future employees, visitors, and customers.
  • Nearby attractions. Will your employees be able to walk to nearby attractions while on their lunch or their break? This can help with employee retention.
  • Modern facilities. Is the office space newly remodeled? Is the HVAC system modern and efficient? How is the lighting and are the windows large? These are the kind of amenities you can expect to find in a modern facility.
  • Beauty. Are there any beautiful landmarks nearby, like a body of water, a mountain range, or a wooded area? A beautiful setting can make going to work a pleasure.
  • Wellness. Is the office located in a walkable area, where employees can get exercise? This will help you retain employees who care about their physical fitness.

4. Client Experience

How convenient is your office space for any clients or stakeholders that might need to visit? Will there be enough parking for them? Will they be able to access the property easily? Explore these issues, especially if you expect regular visitors at your workspace.

5. Owner and Property Manager

It’s essential to choose a space owned and managed by entities or people you like and get along with. After all, you’ll be working together for a long time. Spend some time talking to the office owner and property manager where you’re thinking about moving to get a better sense of how you would get along.

6. Room to Grow

Is your business growing? If so, don’t sign a lease on a building that is “just barely big enough.” Leave yourself plenty of room to grow, including storage space, cubicle space, and conference space.

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