Benefits of Hiring Full-Service Movers During a Business Relocation

A well-planned business move can easily take up to a year to complete. From existing site analysis to securing a new location, there can be so many projects to be fulfilled in between. For this reason, many business owners enlist the help of full-service office movers.

A full-service business mover does more than load up belongings and transport them to a new location. These industry professionals are equipped to handle unique business needs that come with making a transition. Look at a few benefits of hiring full-service office movers for a business move.

1. Make Planning the Move Less Stressful

Moving your business is stressful. First, you must focus on protecting your business inventory and tangible property. A thorough plan can require a lot of insight and oversight, but it simplifies the move. A full-service business moving company can help you set it in place.

2. Get Help with Business Disassembly

The process of disassembling a business is a substantial undertaking. Even if you have a lot of employees to help with the project, you could be facing weeks for this one element of the transition. Full-service business movers often handle disassembly as an added service. Items they can help disassemble include things like:

  • Cubicles and workstations
  • Office desks, chairs, and other furniture
  • Shelving units and display setups
  • Computer networks
  • Signage
  • Basic mechanical equipment

3. Ensure Technology Transitions Are Handled Appropriately

Modern business, regardless of the type, heavily relies on technology. This means the operation usually has a great deal of electronic equipment to contend with during a move. Therefore, from computers to data storage equipment, you must handle all forms of technology properly.

Full-service movers often bring IT professionals who can help with all aspects of technology during the transition. This means your business can avoid problems like:

  • Inadvertently leaving customer data at risk
  • Causing damage to costly computer equipment
  • Prolonged downtime due to lack of knowledge about proper technology setup

4. Avoid Relying on Your Employees

While employees can be valuable during a business move, they are also not trained moving professionals. You may designate specific tasks to employees, but avoiding relying solely on your workforce can be best. For example, employees who handle calls and serve customers may not be best suited for things like disassembling industrial shelving or handling and preparing equipment for transport.

The risk of workplace injuries or simply unhappy employees can be higher if too much of the work is left to them to handle. Remember, over half of American employees quit their jobs when they feel treated poorly. Therefore, it might be seen as disrespectful to ask workers to perform tasks that are outside their expertise or are too strenuous physically.

Talk to Full-Service Movers About Your Business Relocation

Even though moving your business can be stressful, having the right professionals along the way can ease the transition. If you need help with your upcoming business move, contact our team to discuss how we can help.


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