5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Tiny Kitchen After a Move

Your kitchen would be an open, sprawling area with plenty of room for entertaining guests, preparing food, and getting a late-night snack in a perfect world. Sometimes, however, many of us have to settle for a much cozier or smaller kitchen than we’d prefer.

If you are making a household move to a place with a small kitchen, you can still maximize every inch for impact. We’ve compiled a list of hacks here. Whether tiny or massive, these hacks can make your kitchen more productive.

1. Figure Out What You Need

Your kitchen likely has a stove, an oven, some countertops, a refrigerator, and some cabinets above and below. If you’re working with less than this, you’ll have to get creative with solutions. Organizing works only if you buy products for specific needs.

Look at what you have and the constraints you’re facing already. Then, you can start with essential pieces and ensure they work for your space. For example, maybe a few hooks can help you keep pots and pans out of cabinets to make room for other items.

2. Reconsider Your Cabinets

Just because your kitchen comes with cabinets doesn’t mean you have to use them as-is. Some ideas to upgrade your cabinetry include:

  • Open Shelving – You can remove your cabinets and replace them with open shelves. This way, it’s easier to see and grab what you need.
  • Different Doors – If you’re constantly searching for the right item, perhaps some glass doors will work best to open up the space. Or, you can remove the doors altogether.
  • Cabinet Organizers – The best way to utilize every inch inside your cabinets is to raise items off the shelf. Wire or plastic organizers allow you to double or sometimes triple your cabinet space.

3. Add a Mobile Counter

Rolling kitchen carts can make your space much more versatile and functional. These items allow you to use the countertop as a prep/work area, which you can move around as necessary. These products also often have hooks and shelves to store other kitchen items for your convenience. Then, when you’re done using it, you can roll it out of the way.

4. Use Your Sink

The kitchen sink is often an underutilized section of the kitchen. However, when you only have so much space to work with, you can’t afford to miss out on some prime real estate. Fortunately, many sink-specific gadgets can help you take advantage of this area. For example, you can chop and wash vegetables, prep meat, or use it as counter space when you’re not doing dishes.

5. Mount Folding Tables

One of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space is to install elements on the wall. For example, folding tables or shelves allows you to increase your counter space without major renovations.

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