5 Things to Know When Moving to a Coastal Town

Moving to a coastal town can be exciting! But, of course, living near the ocean can have its ups and downs. Knowing how to prepare for your new life in your coastal town can help you enjoy your first months in your new community. By understanding some of the pros and cons of your new home, you can make the most of your days as you settle in.

1. Traffic Issues Impact Mobility

Coastal towns draw many tourists that fill up the roadways on hot summer days. Unfortunately, reaching local businesses can be tricky when visitors pour into the beaches at times of the year.

As soon as you have an opportunity, find easy ways to reach your favorite spots around town without traversing the main roads. Instead, find back road routes to get to your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and other hot spots.

2. Sand Gets in Everything

Of course, you’ll spend a lot of time at the beach, and of course, you’ll drag that sand into the house with you. Unless you want clean sand from your floors daily, you’re better off finding a way to deal with sand outside your home.

Install an outdoor shower for your family and friends who come back from the beach. Next, establish rules about leaving sand toys outside. And finally, ask everyone to take off their shoes before stepping in the front door.

3. Family Will Want to Visit

Do you like it when your family comes to visit? Hopefully, you do, because once you live in a high tourist area, your extended family is more likely to visit! Having your family visit can be fun if you can accommodate them. Have a plan for the family members who want to see you in your new house. Hopefully, you’ve got enough space for them to sleep! Consider buying a day bed or a pull-out couch, where visitors can spend the night.

4. Winters Can Be Cold

Winters in some coastal towns can be chilly! Find out what the winters will be like where you’re planning to move, and make plans. This may mean you’ll need to invest in some new winter clothes. However, getting ready for the coming year can make your transition to your new home a more positive experience!

5. You’ll Have a Blast Exploring

One thing is for sure: when you’re living in an area close to the ocean, every day can be an exploration of something new. You’ll have a blast exploring your new home, so set aside time from the start to ensure that you’ve got time to learn everything new and exciting about your new place.

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